Modern motorsport crash incident & Injury reporting

Improve the capture, storage & the analysis of motorsport incident and medical injury data throughout the world from grass-roots to the highest levels of professional motorsport.

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About Crashtag

Motorsport incident and injury reporting have always been a tedious manual task that has required written paper forms, manual review and manual submission. These forms can be forgotten, lost, or worse, deliberately not completed due to complexity.

Crashtag is a purpose build app to make the capture of motorsport incident and injury data seamless and easy to complete. In a matter of seconds, anyone including spectators at any motorsport event will be able to submit an accident report.

The goal of Crashtag is simple - To improve the capture, the storage and the analysis of motorsport incident data throughout the world from the grass-roots level to the highest level of professional motorsport.

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Crashtag Features

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Motor Sport Incident Capture

Crashtag incident capture is very detailed and compliant with the FIA World Accident Database incident capture standards. Information captured can include; the time, the location, the number of competitors involved, the type of accident, and much more.

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Injury Medical Data Capture

Crashtag has a comprehensive medical reporting component including full injury, vital signs and other relevant medical questions. This medical capture is only available to medical users such as Doctors, Paramedics and event First-Aid personnel. This data is held in a secure encrypted manner and is aligned closely to the information that the FIA captures in the medical incident reporting form.

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Motor Sport Crash Incident Reporting

Crashtag offers unrivalled capture of accident reporting. Crashtag has review functionality, in the case of multiple similar submissions, an administrator or organiser can merge this data to ensure accurate reporting. To enhance motorsport incident reporting, Crashtag has export functionality to allow ASNs to send data to the FIA World Accident Database.
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Crashtag Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment, many incidents go unreported, and the reporting of these are just as important as major crashes, as sometimes they demonstrate what IS working in safety systems. More importantly, the current reporting requires input from many different people (e.g. medical, scrutineers, on track or in field officials, organisers, fire crews, etc.). These people are often located in different geographic locations during an event and hence the job of the organisers in compiling a complete set of reports is very difficult. Crashtag will make reporting of incident very simple.

No, at least not yet. You should still use the paper forms, or follow the process provided by your local ASN until such a time as your ASN informs you to use Crashtag as the official incident reporting mechanism. However, if possible, you should also get used to the Crashtag app by inputting data into it as well.

That is a good question and you will need to use your best judgement. A good rule of thumb is if the vehicle continues driving with no apparent injury to the crew/driver, nearby spectators, or any other person in the area, then it is likely safe to say you do not need to report this in Crashtag. However, please ensure you follow your normal paper reporting proceedures here.

Of course if there is something that you believe your ASN would be interested in from a safety point of view, then please report it. There is nothing wrong over-reporting, or reporting "near-miss" events as they can give us important information, such as what 'is' working well with safety!

Obviously, yes! (Research has indicated the virus can remain on paper surfaces for 24 hours). To see the latest reseearch, click here!

In many cases that answer will be yes. Most of the time the format will be different, but the questions asked by most ASN incident reporting forms are asked in various sections of Crashtag. If you find a question that is on your ASN incident reporting forms that is not represented in Crashtag, please contact us.

These serve two purposes. The first is to make it easier to lodge reports with the FIA (as the FIA requires information on serious crashes that is not contained in many ASN incident reporting forms). The second is for research purposes (e.g. questions about the experience of the driver, etc.).This research is critical in improving motorsport safety.

NO! Your motorsport duties come first. You should only submit a Crashtag report when you can do so without interrupting your normal duties (e.g. after an incident during a break, or even when you have been relieved from duty to complete your paper reports). See also below regarding photographs.

AIMSS is passionate about privacy and data protection. We are committed to providing world-wide best practice mechanisms to ensure the safety of your personal data. We have taken the initiative to implement European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant levels of data protection for all Crashtag users, regardless of their country of origin. GDPR is universally recognised as the highest standard of privacy and data protection. AIMSS has also employed its own Data Protection Officer to ensure your data is managed with the highest standard of legal compliance. You can learn more about GDPR, how it relates to you, and your rights in our Privacy Policy via;

Yes, in fact AIMSS has complied with the very strict European General Data Protection Regulation legislation which far exceeds any of the Australia privacy legal requirements. This was an FIA requirement. A copy of a letter from the FIA confirm this compliance, is available here.

AIMSS has ensured that all medical and personal information we receive is handled per best practice regarding privacy and data protection laws. Your medical information is only visible to the ASN Administrator and the Chief Medical Officer for the purposes of motorsport accident reporting and advancing the safety of all participants. Your medical data is treated with the strictest confidentiality and adherence to our legal obligations. If you have any queries or concerns regarding the use of your personal information or wish to exercise any rights provided under GDPR (or any other jurisdiction), you can contact the Data Protection Officer at AIMSS by email at

No – only the event organisers and the site administrators (which is similar what occurs with the current paper reports).

Firstly, Crashtag is not “social media”. Other users cannot see your submitted data or photos. In relation to photos, you must not attempt to take photos until your duties permit. For example, if you are a flag marshal, you must continue to prioritise that duty first. You should only take photos of, for example, a damaged vehicle, when your flag marshal duties permit. The same applies if you are part of an intervention team. Your duties take priority over any reporting process. Any photos you take must not be posted on social media.

No, it is completely free.

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Interested in rolling out Crashtag for your ASN? Perhaps you have another use for Crashtag? We are interested to hear your ideas for different use-cases for Crashtag outside motorsport!