Android 2.10.0 - GDPR Consent in Non GDPR Countries

Release Date: 22 December 2021

App Version: 2.10.0


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GDPR Informed Consent.

As a general rule, Crashtag is GDPR Compliant. However, in certain circumstances, this may not be possible due to a countries data sovereignty laws.

To maintain compliance, a user must be informed if their data will not be treated in accordance with GDPR protections. We have added a new informed consent mechanism for those countries that GDPR does not apply to. At the time of writing, this Crashtag region is the United Arab Emirates.

If you sign up to the UAE region or attempt to onboard to the UAE region, you will be asked to content. It is your choice to consent or withhold consent. If you decline, you will not be able to use Crashtag in that region.


GDPR Informed Consent
Various improvements and fixes:
  • Better Region detection and handling,
    Added a thank you message after a report is completed.
  • Improved the phone number handling system,
    Improvements to the account creation and login system.
  • Improvements for Android 11.
  • Improved the Sketch System for Vehicles, Medical and Safety Equipment.
  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements.