Android 2.7.0

Release Date: 11 August 2021

App Version: 2.7.0


Version Details

New Work



Inform customer of new app updates. Crashtag will now tell you when a minor or major update is available. Crashtag Update
Event Search. Directly from customer feedback. Sometimes it is difficult to find the event in the list. Crashtag now has an event search feature. Event Search
Remove Event Timeline View. We have removed the event timeline view as the feature was confusing and slowed down the report process.  
Pick multiple images. Android now has the ability for you to select multiple images at the same time to attach to a report.  
My Submission Flow The My Submission flow has been updated to the new UI design and flow. The new flow makes viewing and editing your reports much easier.  
Various Bug Fixes

- Stop screen blink while uploading vehicle and medical sketches.

- Remove unneeded confirmation modals.