Android 2.8.0

Release Date: 7 September 2021

App Version: 2.8.0


Version Details

New Work



App fields to capitalise on focus. Most fields will capitalise on focus allowing for neater data entry.  
Update vehicle sketch UI. The Vehicle Sketch flow has been updated to the new style of the user interface. Added a fire damage indicator and the colours used are more friendly to people with colour blindness. Vehicle Sketch
Region Change - On Boarding View We have updated the region change onboarding view to the new UI style. Region Change
Image handling improvements. When submitting images, the images will be compressed to a common size which will make the administration system display neater including final reporting.  
Various Bug Fixes

- Don't display categories if they have no questions for that user type.

- Update the event description field.

- Fix various App hangs.

- Remove more modals that are not required.

- Improve phone number handling.

- Add Canadian flag.