Crashtag Backend System Overview

Crashtag is a complex system with many features. We will take a look at each of these and explain what each of these systems does. 



No doubt you would have noticed that the Dashboard is empty. I have plans in place to add all sorts of information to this Dashboard. I am also happy to hear what information as ASN users would like on the Dashboard too. Please contact me with your ideas.


The Users System contains all active, pending, invited and disabled users for your instance of Crashtag. The users' system can be used to manage your Crashtag members' needs, such as password reset, ID verification, and several other features. 


Events are an essential factor for all ASNs. The events system allows you to create events, import events, delete events and some other event-related tasks. In the future, we will create APIs to import new events for your ASN automatically. 


The Car system allows your ASN to manage the car sketches that are in your ASN. For example, your ASN starts running events with a different car or vehicle type that you had never used before. The Cars menu will allow you to upload and self-manage images. All you need to do is create the following profile images for a new car type:

  • Front
  • Rear
  • Left
  • Right
  • Top

Try to keep these sketch images as small as possible as your Crashtag customers need to download these images when compiling reports. 


This menu item shows all incidents submitted to Crashtag. You can filter by event, date, status and even keywords. This menu does not display incidents with injuries attached. 


Similar to the incidents above, this menu shows all incidents and injuries submitted to Crashtag. Once again, you can filter on these submissions.


The injuries menu is for the injury component of Crashtag submissions. 

Form Builders

Crashtag is a web form intensive platform. The Crashtag forms follow the FIA Crash, Incident & Injury report forms and also add additional questions where the ASN deems it appropriate.

The form builder is unique that it makes it easy to add new questions, edit existing questions, or even remove questions that are not needed. The form builder also has the functionality to set questions to be seen by specific Crashtag user roles. For example, medical account holders only see medical questions. 

The form builder is broken into three specific forms:

  1. Incident Form
  2. Crash Form
  3. Injury or Medical Form


Crashtag has a complex role-based access system. This system is more complicated than many similar systems because the questions that Crashtag asks customers are all based on their user type and role. These roles are configurable, meaning an ASN can potentially give a user type more account privileges. An example could be allowing medical account holders to complete final reports. We do not recommend changing the roles permissions. If you need to change one of the roles, please contact us.


In the future, this menu item will have a lot more feature. For now, this menu item can set your logo for your ASN. 


Crashtag has a push notification system. The push notification system will allow an administrator to send important information to Crashtag customers. For example, as an administrator, you may need to let your Organisers know of a change to an event, policy, or any number of other messages. Be aware; the message system is monitored closely, any misuse will lead to your account being locked.


Crashtag is building new features and improving existing features every day. If you have a suggestion on how we could improve the platform, please contact us.