Crashtag Desktop Testing Scenario - 01 August 2020

Date: August 1 & 2, 2020

Event Details: Spanner Spare Parts Race Meeting August 1 & 2, 2020 National Championship Round 2

Venue: Sandown Circuit Melbourne

Competition: GT3 Race – 11 am start – 15 laps

Weather: Windy and raining, ambient temperature at the beginning of the Race 14 degrees C

Track Conditions: Wet


The Incident

Competitors involved:

Car 33 – driver Rolly Over, Audi R8 LMS – Team Audi Victoria – age 35 years old

Car 28 – Billy Badboy, Mercedes GT3 – Twinings Tea Team – age 28 years old


On lap 2, at 11.03, in Turn 6 (fast left corner – speed around 135 km/hr) Car 28 forces Car 33 off the track in such a severe manner that Car 33 goes sideways, hits the kerb at approximately 120 km/hr and rolls three times coming to rest upside down on the right-hand side of the track just after Turn 6. Car 33 does not impact any object (other than the ground).

Car 33 suffers major and significant damage.

While the roll cage has remained intact, it appears that although the car had an FIA homologated seat, it was poorly mounted, and the rear mounting brackets broke. 

The mounting bracket failure caused the body of Rolly Over to move significantly, and as a result, his helmet had a major impact with part of the roll cage and was rendered unconscious.


Safety Equipment Details

• Helmet: OMP GP8 Evo FIA 8859-2015 with Forward Head Restraint posts

• Frontal Restraint: HANS device

• Driving Suit: OMP MY2020 FIA 8856-2000

• Seat: Sparco Circuit II FIA 8855-1999


Car 28 suffers minor panel damage and continues on its way (with Billy en route to a meeting with the Stewards over his driving behaviour).

The Safety Car is deployed and is followed to the scene of the incident by the Medical Intervention Vehicle (MIV), which contains a senior trauma doctor and two paramedics. The MIV arrives at 11.04. The Fire and Rescue Vehicle (FIV) also attends arriving at 11.05.

A small fire has broken out under the bonnet which the Fire and Rescue Crew extinguish. However, it is not possible to extract Rolly from the car without the use of cutting equipment.

The rescue crew cut the A-pillar on the driver's side (Left Hand Drive) and also cut the driver's door off. 


On initial examination of Rolly’s helmet (which appeared to be in the visor down position during the incident), appears to have a large dent at the top left side and the visor is cracked. The back plate of the HANS device is intact; however, the right-side strap shows a short section of crimping indicating it may have undergone some stretching damage. 


The medical team then remove Rolly from the car.


Rolly Over was intubated at the scene as part of the clinical response. An RSI (choice of rapid onset sedative and neuromuscular blocking agent determined by the clinician) was performed and a size 8.5 ETT placed on the first attempt to 23cm at the teeth. EtCO2 waveform tracing confirmed ETT placement in the airway. Rolly's sBP briefly fell to 112mmHg and returned to 142mmHg without intervention. Once in the back of the ambulance, a transport ventilator was connected on route to the hospital.

The Ambulance arrived at 11.10 and Rolly was taken to Monash Medical Centre Emergency Department.


The medical indications taken by the medical team at the circuit, for Rolly Over, are as follows:


HR 116bpm 

BP 142/89 

RR 24 

SpO2 97% 

GCS 6/15

PEARL 4mm (Pupils Equal and Reactive to Light) 

+5 minutes

HR 98bpm 

BP 138/78 

RR 24 

SpO2 98% 

GCS 6/15

PEARL 6mm (Right pupil sluggish) / 4mm (Left pupil reactive)

Incomprehensible sounds

Eyes not opening to stimulation

Flexor response to physical stimulus. 

Head up > 30degrees

Ventilation adjusted to PaCO2 35-40mmHg

Given bolus of osmotic agent (hypertonic saline)


Past medical history for Rolly provided by his race team manager: “Rolly takes statin for high cholesterol and has no known drug allergies.

The Ambulance leaves the scene at 11.18 am. By this time, the Clerk of Course has decided to Red Flag the Race.