Crashtag Desktop Testing Scenario - 15 August 2020

Event Details: The Ashes Test Series International TCR Championship – Round 2

Venue: Mickey Mouse International Circuit

Competition: TCR Race2 – 2.30pm start – 20 laps

Weather: Fine but overcast, ambient temperature at the start 21 degrees C

Track conditions: Dry


The Incident


Car 10 – driver Hope Lesdriver, Hyundai TCR – Team Reckless

On lap 12, at 2.49 pm, in Turn 3 (high speed right hand corner – speed around 160 km/hr) Car 10 runs wide off the track and heavily impacts the tyre barrier.

Car 10 suffers major damage.  The roll cage has remained intact, as does the seat however Hope did not have her harness properly tightened and as a result, her body moved forward during the crash and her head had a major impact with part of the roll cage. She is rendered unconscious. 


Safety Equipment Details


Helmet: OMP GP8 Evo FIA 8859-2015 with Forward Head Restraint posts

FHR: HANS device

Driving Suit: OMP MY2020 FIA 8856-2000

Seat: Sparco Circuit II FIA 8855-1999




The Safety Car is deployed and is followed to the scene of the incident by the Medical Intervention Vehicle (MIV) which contains a doctor and a paramedic. The MIV arrives at 2.50 pm  

The Fire and Rescue Vehicle (FIV) also attends arriving at 2.52.

The front of Car 10 has taken the brunt of the impact and there is a significant intrusion into the cockpit. The car is partially buried under a number of tyres from the ruptured tyre wall which cover the bonnet and front windscreen of the vehicle. Hope is trapped inside the car.

The rescue crew have to remove the roof in order to extricate Hope.  The medical team then remove Hope from the car.

Hope's injuries:

  • Confused and repetitive - Suspected head injury
  • Fracture Right femur – tender and thigh feels tight. Distal sensation and perfusion seem intact.
  • Fracture right and left wrists – tenderness and deformation

The Ambulance arrives at 2.56 pm and Hope is placed in the ambulance and taken to Disneyland Medical Centre Emergency Department, which is 12 minutes by road.

The medical indications taken by the medical team at the circuit, for Hope, are as follows:



HR 116bpm 

BP 142/89 

RR 24 

SpO2 97% 

GCS 13/15 – M6 V4 E3

PEARL 4mm (Pupils Equal and Reactive to Light) 


Interventions performed:

IV canula x 2

Pelvic binder applied

Cardboard box splints to both wrists

CT-6 splint to Right femur

Analgesia: Ketamine during extrication and splint application. Fentanyl and Ondansetron prior to loading into the ambulance for transport.

Oxygen via NRBM

+5 minutes

HR 108bpm 

BP 108/78 

RR 24 

SpO2 98% 

GCS 14/15 – M6 V4 E4

PEARL 4mm Rt and Left

Still asking repetitive questions and seems confused


The Clerk of Course has decided to Red Flag the race at 3.05 pm.

The ambulance leaves the scene at 3.15 pm with the MIV doctor in the ambulance with Hope.

The MIV leaves the scene at 3:15 pm.