Critical SMS Alerting

The Crashtag Development team have recently released a new feature on the Crashtag called Critical Alert SMS.
Talking to many ASNs over the past 12-months, one concern ASNs have is clear. When a significant or fatal incident occurs at an event, often ASN leadership are not informed quickly. We hope that this new feature will eliminate this issue with instant SMS sent directly to you or your nominated people with details of the incident.
Many Event Organisers have also suggested that another common problem they face is late notice that a competitor or official has been temporarily suspended from competition or duties on medical grounds.
Our alerting system will also go some way to solve this problem too. For example, when a medical person completes a medical form in Crashtag and recommends suspension of license, the system will be able to send an SMS to you, or once again, those you nominate. Further, the Event Organiser/Chief of Event can also be on this list to increase the chances of being aware of the issue.


We have created two introduction videos that show SMS in action. See below:


Critical Alert SMS


Medical License Suspension SMS