How to add a Supplementary Report

While reporting an incident in Crashtag, another person may have already reported the incident. You can usually see if the incident has a similar car number, or the time is close to when you saw the incident. Your report is still important as you may have information the initial reporter did not, or perhaps you have a different account type and your information will be added to the report – medical, or a scrutineer for example.

The below article and video tutorial will detail how to add a supplementary report to an existing report.




Open the app


Log in using your own username and password


Once logged in, select New Report


In this example, we will use the Past Event dated on 01 July 2020


Then select the plus sign on the submitted incident dated 18/11/2020.


Complete the form and select Save Submission


When you get this pop-up message, select Close


To check if the form was completed successfully, select Back on the app and search for the event. The event will be updated to show the supplementary report that has been added as shown below.



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