How to create a Crashtag Account

This article and video tutorial will walk through the steps to create a Crashtag Account. If you have not downloaded the Crashtag App yet, click here to download. Note: Crashtag account is different from your Motorsport Australia account.





If you have not already done so, download the App from the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store. To locate the Crashtag App, search for "Crashtag". Once installed on your device, creating an account is easy. 

When you open Crashtag, the first view you see is the login view.

Crashtag Home View


Click on the 'Create Account' word which will present you with a form to complete your details.

Crashtag Account Creation Form


Account Types

Crashtag has several different account types tailored for all motorsport people, even Spectators:

  • Organisers - this account is for event organisers.
  • Medical - for Doctors, Paramedics and first aid personnel. 
  • Officials - this account type is for Flag Marshals, Fire Marshals and other race day officials.
  • Scrutineer - for specialised Scrutineers.
  • Crew - for team pit crews and other staff.
  • Driver - for Drivers and Co-Drivers.
  • Media - this account is for media people.
  • Spectator - this account is significant as we wish to gather information from spectators.


In completing your account, you must select the account that is closest to your actual motorsport function. For example, Medical accounts require proof of your qualification.  All Crashtag accounts other than Spectator will require approval from your ASN administrator. As such, please provide your ASN ID and license class when creating an account. 

After you have added your details and you have added any ID that is required for your account type, click 'Sign Up'. 


If you completed the form successfully, you can in straight away as a Spectator. As some point later if the ASN administrator deems you need that account Role, they will approve the application and your account will become active in the role you applied.