How to Invite a new user to Crashtag

Inviting a new user is an Administrator function. By using this function, you skip the usual account verification for Medical and Organiser user roles.  The invited user will receive an email with instructions to complete their account. Once they have completed their account and set their password, they will have full access to use Crashtag to the account level you gave them. 


How to invite a new person to Crashtag:

Step One & Two:

Click Users > Invite User


Invite user step 1 & 2


Step Three & Four:

Complete the required details of the invitee. The required details are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Role

Click create. 


Invite user step 3 & 4



After creating the new account, the invitee will receive an email with instructions to set their account password. This email should look similar to the below:


Example Invite Email


After the invitee creates their password their account will be active.