iOS 2.4.1

Release Date: 8 September 2021

App Version: 2.4.1


Version Details

New Work



My Submission Flow. Update the My Submissions feature to the new UI. It is now much nicer to view reports you have completed and also edit and add to those reports. My Submissions
Medical Sketch System.

The Medical Sketch flow has been updated to the new style of the user interface. Added a burn indicator and the colours used are more friendly to people with colour blindness.


More Helmet profiles have been added and the Frontal Head Restraint has been added to the sketch system.

Medical Sketch
Image handling improvements. When submitting images, the images will be compressed to a common size which will make the administration system display neater including final reporting.  
Thank you message. Added a message at the end of the reporting process to thank that customer for going to the trouble to complete the report. Thank you message
Long-form question answer. Created a new long-form answer type. This will allow for more detailed answers.  
Various Bug Fixes

- Minor sketch system fixes.

- Minor image errors that can cause a crash under certain situations.

- Fix report out of bounds error.