Web 2.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 09 June 2021.


Version Number: 2.0


Release details:





New Login Screen. Updated the login screen to a new design. New Login Screen
Improve Final .pdf report. The .pdf final report now only displays questions that have answers attached to them. We also improved the cosmetic look of the report. PDF Report Example
Update Regions. Display region names in the Apps properly. For example, show Oceana as Australia.  
Promote Medical Officer to Event CMO. Administrators and Event Organisers can now set the Chief Medical Officer for an Event. The CMO will now have access to all medical data for that Event they are set to only.  
Attach Event Organiser to Event. An Event can now be tagged with an Event Organiser. The Organiser will now have full access to all event data for only events they are attached to.  
Add Motorcycle as a Vehicle Type. Many ASNs run duel events for both 4-wheel and 2-wheel vehicles. We have added the ability to set events to both types.